Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Poetry from the Past

I was looking through old files the other day and found the poems I wrote for Chris when we first got together on JS. I used to love writing poetry. Some of them are the word of the day poems I used to do and others are just words.
I need to find my muse again~


I will not become a harridan
for I have found a one
to make me grow and bloom within
and brighten like the sun
my breast does swell
with just a look
my soul becomes an open book
and in him I do surely see
a future that was meant for me

~Spring salad~

You create
a salmagundi of emotions
that course through my body
and cause me to shudder
without being touched
as if your thoughts could caress me
and stir up my longing
till I almost burst
with anticipation of touch
and what will soon come
when body meets body
and eyes contact eyes
and the two of us mesh
and from into one
no longer divided
by so many miles
but writhing together
united in passion
till we've both come undone


Your voice
bounces to me
from tower to tower
over so many miles
the sound
soothes my soul
and shortens the hours
till we meet in a while
transmitting your soul
on a cellular level
to bounce into mine
across the state lines


I long for kissing cap-a-pie
To taste the salt and sweet
To blur my mind
and satisfy
this longing
then to sleep

~the gloaming~

I long to sit
in the gloaming
with you
watching the twinkle
of fireflies
in the summer's climax
entangled in
glistening limbs
your aura


Leave me disheveled
a smile on my face.
The lingering feeling
of my saving grace.
The warmth of your touch
still burns on my skin.
Your mouth's sweet caress
that was felt from within.
Leave me with a glow
from your thrusting release.
The thing I was craving
to bring me some peace.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sometimes getting the bitch out works

So I let some frustration and anger out today on my husband and I guess it worked. I think I scared the hell outta him! Don’t get me wrong… I love him and we are mostly happy, but who is ever happy all the time? I just want me time and my vehicle back! As much as I love being a hermit, I NEED to get out of this house sometimes. I have not worked for 6 years and since Zion is doing ok right now, I want a job to get me out of the rut I am in.

I am so sick of housework and care taking.

Right now I am on the point of just going on strike and seeing how long it takes them to notice I am doing nothing. They would never last past snacktime after school. They can’t live on Ramen, eggs and sandwiches forever (though I might make them for a few days). I think I might just do that and see how much more they appreciate the Guinness stew in a few days.

Who am I kidding…

I am never able to just let it all go.

Tomorrow I will still do laundry, go grocery shopping, clean up bedrooms, clean catpans, dishes, organize things and put things away.

But tomorrow night I get ME TIME!! The bff( who is now living here, but that’s another story) and I are going to Zumba class! YAY! It is time for me to get me back.

On a side note..

I know I have not blogged in so long and I have many things to tell! So things to look forward to reading include but are not limited to:

~Zion’s Make a Wish granting and our trip to Phoenix to meet an author

~Why razors are evil and hospital stays make good vacations

~I dare Zion’s school to try to fine me for Truancy

~Did I happen to mention my New Year’s Resolution is to not be so nice?

~Word of the Day poems and haikus


I WILL blog more in 2010~

I need a rant

Months since I have written here and I have to update with a rant…..

I am tired.

I am tired of being nice to people and being taken advantage of.

I am tired of doing things all by myself even though 7 other people live here.

I am tired of the kids being disrespectful,

I am tired of my husband not having his own vehicle and driving MY van that is supposed to be for Zion’s use.

I am tired of my kid telling me this is his house and he will kick me out when he can.

I am tired of not having a job or money and not having any way to get to a job because we have one vehicle.

I am tired of being a nurse, cook, maid and laundry lady and not getting paid for it.

I am tired of never getting a break from my kids and then listening to my friends who get breaks ALL the time whine and complain about their kids.

I am tired of whiny people.

I am tired of stupid bitches.

I am tired of cleaning up after animals.

I am tired of the struggle and constant worry about money, bills, food, etc…

I am so tired of being nice and I am just plain tired but can’t sleep.

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