Wednesday, March 24, 2010

If we get hit by a satellite, don't blame me...

Do you ever have those dreams that plague you all day long? No matter what you do, you just keep thinking and thinking about it. Trying to analyze what it could mean and what you missed or can't remember. Trying to hold on to the fleeting memory of a dream can be hard, and trying to put it into words, can be next to impossible. It can drive a person batty.
I slept horribly last night and the night before I had to stay up all night at the ER with Zion. I think when I finally got into a good REM sleep this morning, after I got the kids off to school, my brain was just chocked full of pent up dreams.
One part of my dream I had an owl nesting in my house and it hatched a baby, but some animal conservationist came and took it away. I got to hold it before they left until it started freaking out. All through the dream I was carrying my Belly as a kitten in my pocket through some kind of flea market or antique mall.
I hate that you can only vividly remember parts of your dreams. There should be some way to record them so you can watch them again. Imagine how cool that would be, especially to those of us who believe in dreams having hidden meanings and sometimes being able to foresee the future.
In the dream, I was with many of the people I love and consider family. We were all in separate vehicles though and had gone off in different directions. The dream had us in some small towns not far from here. We were getting ready to head home and I saw a huge satellite dish crash to earth and a big black cloud start to envelope the area. It seems like it was miles from where we were. People started to panic and chaos commenced. I had a bunch of the kids with me and yelled for them to jump in the car. Zion came running to the car and I said "What are you doing running? Where is your wheelchair?" We sped off towards home and we were blocked from going our usual way because there were roadblocks and a sign that said Dangerous Site ahead. I was so worried about all the others who could be at home already and not knowing if the satellite fell close to our house.
It was quite the intense dream and I will not forget it anytime soon, that's for sure! I will be waiting for the day where we can record our dreams and watch them whenever we want to.

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