Monday, June 29, 2009

and I thought it was such a quaint town.....

I always thought my town was such a nice quiet picturesque town…. until I moved here. Now I see the ugly truth after years of seeing robberies, arson, mean neighbors, teenage hoodlums and the like, but THIS tops it all.

Saturday night we had a party with friends. We were having a great time when I see a cop car come flying up my driveway with no lights at all. He flies back out (wshew) and goes down the other side street where they stop in my yard and start screaming at someone to put their hands in the air while drawing their guns on him. We could not see or hear exactly what was happening because of the fallen willow tree, but I was freaked and told everyone to get in the house. I was scared. You never know what could happen around here.

Things calmed down and we resumed our fun. The next morning I had to know what it was so I started scanning the paper and news online. I even asked the nosy neighbors down the block, but they heard nothing. I finally found it later on in the day.

My drunken neighbor, who practically lives in my back yard, shot his three young, adorable dogs in his kitchen with a .22. WTF!!!!???? OMFG!!!! Apparently he was extremely intoxicated and had enough of their barking. People were setting off fireworks which I am sure had them barking so he shot and killed two and wounded the other.

They were the cutest dogs. They used to get loose and hang out with Tucker in my yard. I wanted to steal the sheltie. They also had a beagle that never came out of his cage because he is a hunting dog. That dog barked constantly and had many complaints from neighbors, but he shoots the other ones. WTF! They said he took pride in that dog.

The guy is out on bail and it really freaks me out that he is so close to my house and kids and animals. They let the beagle stay. HOLY WTF!!!!!! How is that right!? I guess it could have just as easily been the wife that was shot and she bails him out!? Dumbasses. I hope he goes to jail for a long time and she leaves him finally. I have known for along time they were alcoholics because Zion was friends with her daughter before she went into foster care. The wife would show up at my door when they were fighting once in a while to use my phone. I hope she has the sense to leave him before it’s her that gets shot.

I feel so sad that those poor little dogs are dead.

I also want to build a ten foot wall around my property.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Pardon my neglect~

I have been very neglectful with blogging lately. I just can't seem to get in the mood for it and find Facebook and Twitter much easier tasks. It doesn't take much to write a few sentences there.
We celebrated our first anniversary this weekend. We didn't do much and it poured rain half the weekend, but we were happy and that's what counts.
Next weekend we will be having our own Celtic Fling, since we can't afford to go to the real one. I will make some traditional dishes and there will be whiskey and beer and wine and whatnot involved.
Today I have to take Zion back to the wound clinic because he developed another horrible pressure wound. The younger two are annoyed they have to go along. I have to say I am not looking forward to it much...
The kittens from my last post are now huge and crazy! We ended up keeping two of the girls. Originally it was only going to be Belly and I had put the other one on Craigslist. That is until I got a message from someone saying not to give them away for free because people take them to bait dogs or feed snakes. ACK! I promptly removed her and decided we were keeping her. We named her Batty because she has a bat-like head. They are both adorable. The other two went to friends.

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