Monday, April 6, 2009

Save money

I was tagged by the lovely SunTiger to blog three money saving ideas so here they are!

1.) For a cheaper healthier alternative to ground beef, try using TVP or textured vegetable protein. It works great in soups and chili and the texture of it is a lot like meat. One bag costs me a little over 2 bucks and I can make three meals with it.

2.)(Idea from my wonderful husband) Instead of having ONdemand cable service or taking your family to an expensive movie theater, create your own media server using your game system and Tversity .

3.)Plant a vegetable garden and freeze or can your veggies to use year round!


gillardia said...

I wish I could have a garden and grow my own veggies. That would be fun -- but that does't work well in an apartment. But, I won't be in an apartment forever.


LeftCoastLobstah said...

I would love to grow veggies and herbs in a garden if only I thought I would be in one place for longer than a year or two. What do you grow?

TheLubeFaerie said...

Last year we grew lots of tomatoes, squash, cabbage, peppers, cukes, eggplant and parsley. Not everything did so well. This year we are going to add onions and a few other things I have yet to decide on. I also have lots of herbs in my flower beds. I need to get my garden started, but I am glad we haven't yet since it is supposed to snow today! We got a freezer with our tax return so I am looking forward to freezing stuff this year.

Fijufic said...

Great ideas on Tversity.

There are similar ones for your computer as well.


becomingkate said...

I'd really like to do some planting this year. We're hoping to put down a parking pad, so we might as well plan a little garden at the same time.

I'm saving Tversity's link too. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hello - I clicked through from a comment you made on someone else's blog (wandering Bostian I think...?) anyway, I liked your blog; the design is lovely.

I'm on a tight budget to get out of debt & I can recommend the following:

1) Get a monthly cinema pass - it saves loads of money & you still get to have a social life & something to talk about.

2) Ask for magazine subscriptions for Christmas & birthdays; they save 50% on the price & you get a nice suprise every month - when you're done, swap them with friends.

3) See what's on offer at the supermarket then make up a big batch of whatever it is (curry, spag bol etc) then freeze.

I kill house plants so not sure how safe I'd be with a trowel...

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