Thursday, April 9, 2009

How adorable is this!?

You forget how quickly kittens grow in a short time. They are getting so big and are responding to people so much already. The minute you stick your hand in the basket they start meowing and reaching for you. Now has been an amazing mother for being so young herself. It was about a year ago that we found her and her siblings as little abandoned kittens with goopy eyes and poopy butts looking half starved. She takes great care of here babies and is so tolerant of humans touching them. She has not tried to move them out of the living room once and we had lots of people here last weekend for the Pirates Vs. Ninjas party. The babies are already trying to climb out of the safety of their basket. Before long they will be running around all scatty!
Got me thinking about...
What if humans bred like cats?
Can you imagine! Give birth to four or five(or more) at a time and have them raised and gone in eight weeks! Imagine what the earth's population would be like!
Thanks be for diversity~


Doug said...

Kittens are just too cute. Maybe that's why they grow into less than cute cats, because the world can only stand so much cuteness :-)

Have a Happy Easter, Lubie!

LeftCoastLobstah said...

I wish it were that easy.

SunTiger said...

Your little kitten looks gray (like my Odysseus -- medium-long-hair male feline) but Ody's gotten darker w/age and his charcoal fur is nearly black now that he's 5-years-old except for his under-fur; which remained charcoal-gray).

I hope you keep tabs on who gets your kittens so you can update us all on their life in the years to come. THAT would be a fun story to follow.

Regarding what Doug said: LOL -- meanwhile, I think it's IMPOSSIBLE to grow weary of what's adorable, comfortable and/or filthy rich.

Halcyon Grace said...

KITTIES!!!! Oh I want some :D Damn, I remember when you got the other 2.

Anonymous said...

How cute! My catten Dexter is about 9 months old & it's amazing how quickly he has grown from being the size of a pint glass to being able to jump on ANYTHING.

Although he's adorable, I'd forgotten what a nightmare kittens can be; I'm only just starting to get a decents nights sleep & the curtains are shredded!

SunTiger said...

Where are your NEWEST photos (we want to SEE how big they are!) . . . greedy readers that we be.

SunTiger said...

Hey. Where'd you go? Blog again already (give us an update!) :D

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