Thursday, November 18, 2010

25 things about me~

1. One of my favorite snacks is dried apricots. I am having some right now.
2. I <3 beer and tequila~
3. I have been the mother of a paraplegic for almost 11 years. Since Dec 11th 1999...
4. I have 5 cats, a dog, a painted turtle and a Betta.
5. I am an Aries and this makes me hit my head a lot.
6. My favorite band is Modest Mouse.
7. I used to have a mane of dreadlocks.
8. My 8 year old daughter, Sadie, is my mini-me.
9. I tended bar for 9 years.
10. I am afraid of driving, but I think that makes me a good driver.
11. My father is a refugee from Hungary and my mother is a Resident Alien from England so I am a first generation American.
12. I am double jointed.
13. I want to write a cookbook, but it wouldn't be your normal cookbook....
14. I am afraid of dark deep water, spiders and heights.
15. I hated High School and dropped out even though I was an Honor Student. I still hate High School and it never seems to go away....
16. I have a plastic plate where a cheekbone should be.
17. I am allergic to gold, stupid people and bullshit.
18. I love to cook and entertain for my friends and family.
19. I am a nurturer...but don't piss me off....
20. I am Fey.
21. I want to learn to speak Hungarian and visit Hungary.
22. I have traced part of my English Ancestry back to 1100 AD and to Kings of England.
23. Both of my Grandfathers were killed in WWII and I was too little to remember much about my Grandmothers when they died.
24. I want to live by the ocean someday.
25. I am addicted to Facebook.....


Shady Del Knight said...

You're an interesting person, Lubie. I share your fear of driving, your fear of deep dark water, and your fear of heights. As a fellow Dell rat I applaud your selection of Modest Mouse as your favorite band!

Anonymous said...

The cookbook you should write. You are indeed a very interesting person.

Fijufic said...

Oh man...I didn't realize the para part of your life. How is she?

Facebook doesn't do it for me really.
I have my real page and it generates all kinds of craziness even though I show up for maybe 5 minutes a day.

Thank you for the post.


TheLubeFaerie said...

Shady, you rock!
Summerwind..Ty ..someday I will write it.
Bobby, My oldest, Zion, who is 17 was paralyzed in a car accident when he was 6. I will have to relate the story on here again soon~

Stef A. said...

These are so much fun to read! Thanks for sharing :) Dried apricots are yummy, and as for the cookbook, I say go for it!

Shady Del Knight said...

Lubie, you were one of my first blog followers and I am thanking you and other friends in today's post. Please visit when you have time. Thank you very much for your support and have a very merry Christmas!

Shady Del Knight said...

I just found your comment on my Unmasking, Lubie. Thank you very much! Please come over and read my reply.

SunTiger said...

Just wanted you to know I've missed your blogging, luv. {Hugs}

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