Friday, January 16, 2009

25 Random Things

( as seen on Facebook)

1) I am a first generation American. My mother was born in England and my father was born in Hungary.
2) I only met my grandmothers. My Nagymama, my father's mother, came to stay with us from Hungary when I was very little. All I remember is watching her cook with her 50 lb bag of flour. We visited my Grandmother on Islay when was I was little. I remember being jealous of her Boxer, drinking cokes from a bottle, the ruins and going in a row boat out on the sea.
3) Both of my grandfathers died during WWII.
4) I have not seen my father in over 14 years. He lives in California.
5) I love Modest Mouse.
6) I am double jointed.
7) I read Russian Gypsy Tarot cards.
8) I often dreams things that come true and have a habit of knowing what people are thinking.
9) I only sleep well with my feather pillow.
10) I lived on the farm from the time I was 5 until I was in my twenties.
11) I grew up around Thoroughbred race tracks. My mom was a hotwalker.
12) I want to start my own catering/party planning business within the next few years.
13) I have a plastic plate in my face from a car accident.
14) I am afraid of driving but drive aggressively.
15) I am afraid of spiders, but not as afraid as my husband.
16) I love boardgames.
17) I often read books in one day.
18) I plan on going to a book signing by Nora Roberts next month at her husbands bookshop.
19) I want to get the pi symbol tattooed somewhere.
20) My kids have names from songs.
21) I think I am a pretty damn good cook.
22) I am thrifty.
23) I am becoming more and more of a hermit and slightly agoraphobic.
24) I went on Tour with the Dead in the early 90s.
25) I have not been to a concert in 6 years. I plan on getting to one this year.


Fijufic said...

Both died in WW2 damn that is an incredible story.

becomingkate said...

I think the catering idea is a good one! Hopefully it all works out for you. Good list! What's a hotwalker?

Kona said...

Right on! Shows coming back around this summer.

Can't hardly wait to see Bobby (Weir) in cutoffs and a polo shirt belting out "going on a feeeelin!" again.

(confessed Bobby fan)

TheLubeFaerie said...

Bobby~ It is an interesting story. I may have to write about it again sometime.
Kate~ A hotwalker cools off the horses by walking them after they run.
Kona~ I am soooooo going to the Philly shows! WOOHOO You will find me in the Phil Zone~

TuesdayPillow said...

Catering! Another potential business for me, as well. Although I think you would probably be better at it.

What concert are you thinking of attending this year?

Anonymous said...

Hey Lubie! Long time no see. I like Johnny Marr, which means I like Modest Mouse too.

Invinsible Black River... said...

Very interesting things especially number 8. Also, it was nice meeting you. Thanks.

Invinsible Black River... said...

Number 3 is very sad and I am very sorry to read that

Anonymous said...


SunTiger said...

I love my shoulder sun & tiger tattoo (maybe you'll put the pi symbol there). I have another tiger-lily with a snarling tiger head coming out of it tattooed on my hip but I NEVER get to show it off (and what's the point of having a full-colored tat if it's got to be hidden all of the time?).

The shoulder is nice because you can cover it for professional engagements and show it off when you go out clubbing.

RE: plastic plate in your face . . . they obviously did a good job in surgery because you're utterly beautiful.

So. . . with parents from England and Hungary . . . is that where you became acquainted with the Fae?

TheLubeFaerie said...

Tuesday~ I want to see Modest Mouse if they ever decide to go on tour this year! If not maybe Flogging Molly. I feel a blog entry coming from that.
SunTiger~I have a tattoo on my front left shoulder and one on my left leg above the ankle. I was thinking of getting it on my shoulder blade. I have always been drawn to anything magical. I figure it must be my heritage.

SunTiger said...

TheLubeFaerie ~ if science can now tell people that their great-grandmother went through a severe drought *by studying her great-grandchild's DNA* I'm certain your heritage has something to do with you being drawn to everything magickal.


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