Thursday, January 15, 2009

A few random words from your blogger~

~It snowed this minuscule little bit of snow overnight. I want real snow. I bought Quinn a sled for Christmas, so you know we won't get enough snow for sledding this year. That's how life plays out. Bring me a blizzard!(Ok bring it after I have money to go grocery shopping)
~I am feeling stressed right now about lots of things, but top on the list is the fact that they cut off Zion's medicare. What the fucking hell!? First his SSI and now this!? I am so mad and now I am going to have to deal with the bullshit of working that out.
~My kitchen gets worked on in 4 days and I have lots of stuff to move out of it. I have no idea what I am going to do with it all.
~This weekend we will be having a party here for one of my best friend's kid's birthday. We have so many parties here. Glad my house is good for it. Next one is the bff's who's b-day is Groundhog day. I am hoping the kitchen is done for that.
~Zion went for his yearly exam yesterday and to get a flu shot. We love his doctor and he told me he had permission from Zion to tell me what a great kid I have and that he would be proud if he was his own son. Zion is one awesome human.
~We had a blow up around New Years with my nephew and the other teenage boys who hang out with Zion and since then they have not been around. It has been sweet!
They are all mad at Zion for not standing up for them and he told them that their level of arrogance was unacceptable and that he was done sticking up for them. GO ZION! He is enjoying the quiet. They took advantage of him for too long and he is seeing that now.
~I am feeling pretty cozy here and for now I am just going to observe the goings on at the new JS. I am happy that the new admin are trying to get friendly with the old JS family. So far the site confuses me a bit and I end up getting frustrated so I will sit on the sidelines for a while.


Dorrie said...

good for Zion!! but that's bas about the medicare, etc. I hope thing work out.

I love your layout, and at least we can comment... some fancy layouts don't allow it, or better, it doesn't work right.

becomingkate said...

Good luck with the medicare - that sounds like a real pain!
As for JS, I'll sit on the sidelines for awhile longer too.

greeneyes67 said...

I'm glad you're not saying goodbye to JS forever. It gets easier every day for me. I can't believe they cut him off! What is that about? And good for Zion for standing up for himself!

Doug said...

I kind of like it here. I have a long list of blogs that I follow, and they're in order of freshness :-) It's harder to follow blogs at JS.

Stupid bureaucrats. They need to be strung up by their red tape.

LadyFury said...

I'm so sorry Lubie. I can't believe they cut off both his SSI and Medicare. It's sick this country can't take care of our own. It's something that angers me as a nurse. Patient's can't afford all the meds the doctors prescribe and then end up have triple bypass surgery because of a major heart attack that could have been avoided had they been able to pay for their meds. I had this happen to a 39 year-old woman! Grrrrr.

I'm praying for you guys and sending lots of good karma and wishes your way. Enjoy the party.

Justfly said...

The medicare getting taken away is horrible. I can understand your frustration. On top of your daily things you have to take care of, I am sure you are in no mood to have to deal with fighting with the government. Unfortunately the "rules to the game" are not posted anywhere so one blindly goes through the process not knowing what to say or how to say
it. The system is very screwy and unfair. Sending you good wishes for getting what you need for Zion.

Anonymous said...

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